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ManPowerLabs Company. (brand 818) Provides consulting services in the field of human capital management starting from 2008.


Our main goal is to see our clients satisfied and prospering via designing and implementing unique people management methodologies specific for each company and organization

Our Services:

  • HR Turnkey Service
  • HR diagnostics
  • Headhunting
  • Onboarding
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR outsourcing
  • Career Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development of HR strategy
  • Systems of management by objectives

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Results for companies:

  • Improvement of efficiency of company activities in whole
  • Increase of individual productivity of work of each employee
  • Creating competitive advantages and bringing company to a new level
  • Human capital management system

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We believe that Human Capital is the most valuable asset and the fundament for any organization. So we take care of Human Capital by developing and implementing tailored made and advanced methodologies to design and build the most effective fundament for companies we work with. We are Business Architects.


We undertake only the projects that bring significant and long-term improvements to our clients.


We create and implement solutions in the field of human capital management to achieve the maximum effectiveness of our clients.


Solving any management task, we collect maximum complete information about current situation in the company. The projects are supported by experts, who provide the project team with advanced knowledge and methods. We not only give specific recommendations and ensure their realization, but also help clients to master the skills, necessary for the steady functioning of the company in the new regime.


After project completion we provide support for the realization of our solutions and show necessary support until obtaining a stable positive result. This allows us to realize an exclusive level of quality and ensure long-term partnership relations with our clients.


We do not disclose information about our clients and the details of our work with them. We believe that it is in the interests of clients, guarantees our independence and allows us to maintain objectivity. Strict rules of working with information exist also within our company: access to data on a specific project have only consultants directly involved in it.

“We undertake only the projects that bring significant and long-term improvements to our clients.”

— Nana Hovhannisyan, Senior partner


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