Agility Coaching for Change Leaders

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Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development has developed a distance learning “Agility Coaching for Change Leaders” course for managers who want to learn to effectively promote progress along with their teams in a turbulent business environment.

The course is based of Nova Terra Coach Training international (Belgium) ICF accredited ACTP program “Mastery and Art of Coaching”, taking into account the needs of project managers and leaders to promote change in their respective organizations.

You can join a scheduled course or request a corporate “Agility coaching” training either in a distance learning format, or combine distance learning with face-to-face peer group format

Key topics:
• Introduction to the program, design of professional and personal development in changing the environment.
• How to build trust in the relationship and how to negotiate.
• How to develop leadership authority by building-in coaching into the work.
• How to listen deeply and develop coaching presence.
• How to build a coaching conversation with the help of GRRROW and MOVIDA models.
• Keys to constructive communication.
• How to give and receive feedback.
• How to motivate and inspire.
• How to empower constructive and transform negative beliefs.
• How to develop the autonomy and responsibility of employees and partners.
• How to transform resistance and achieve a resourceful state.
• How to use delegation for people and team development.
• Wrap up, presentation of results of individual development projects and coach training assessment.

• Julia Choukhno, PCC, executive- and business coach, Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development Partner in Russia and CIS, specialist in systemic change support in organizations, leading coach-mentor in the “Mastery and Art of Coaching” program.
• Marina Stegantseva, MBA, executive- and business coach, expert in optimization of business processes and introduction of Lean-solutions, coach assistant in the “Mastery and Art of Coaching” program.
• Nikolay Shifan, ACC, MBA, executive- and business coach, specialist in entrepreneur and team coaching.
Facilitator in Armenia
• Nana Hovhannisyan, MBA, executive- and business coach, expert in development and introduction of personnel management systems.

Register before September 30. Start on September 26 or October 2

December 28, 2017

Format of the program
Each participant will have in average a 7-8 hours of involvement per week as follows:
1. On Tuesdays: a 2.5-3 hour webinar with a demo session and exercises. Timing options: group 1 starts at 11:00, group 2 starts at 18:00 (Moscow time);
2. A 2-hour distance learning session in a group of up to 8 people, with participation of a coach-mentor; the schedule to be agreed upon by the group;
3. A 1.5-2 hour live or distance practice of coaching with colleagues from the group, playing the roles of a client, a coach, and an observer, in a group in Yerevan.

• Individual homework for each participant;
• Individual support of a coach-mentor for each participant.

Nova Terra Coach Training & Corporate Development, Belgium

Working language

94.000 rubles (approx. $1.600 / 780.000AMD)

Preparation for the international certification
Upon completion of the program, participants will take a final assessment and receive a certificate of completion of ACSTH program of “Mastery and Art of Coaching” totaling to 60 hours. The course also includes more than 12 hours of mentoring which allows applying for professional credentialing at Associated Certified Coach (ACC) level at the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Nova Terra’s partner organization in Armenia is 818 Consulting.

Interested or have questions?
Contact Nana Hovhannisyan at +37492227565


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